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Happy New Year-A New Trend in SEO For 2019

Happy New Year-A New Trend in SEO For 2019
At last, we have entered in the month November and are going to ready to welcome the new year 2019. And what about SEO?  SEO is an ever-changing process, So definitely SEO giant Google will present some new updates in algorithms to improve the search experience of the users. The search engine master Google always invest their time, energy and money for the development of algorithms that’s why we always face a new trend in SEO. In our mobile friendly era, The new SEO strategy is found in mostly in the e-commerce market. So it is really essential for an SEO expert Kolkata to be informed about the new changes to be relevant and dominate in SEO industry.

Here I am going to discuss some SEO trends that may dominate the SEO industry in 2019

 Voice Search:-

Voice Search
While the maximum of people are  ignorant to adopt this new voice search technology in India, but the SEO friendly countries of USA and UK are adopting this new technology like fire spreads in the dry forest. So as a freelance SEO consultant it is better to be the early adopter of this new technology to provide high-class service to the customers. We keep these things in mind that people like to say more rather than write. I am trying to say rather than gold jewellery in London, people like to say where I find the latest designed diamond earring in London?  It means now the search query should be in question-answer form. So if you are providing SEO services India for any of foreign city, arrange the content of the website in the question-answer form using (what. Where how etc) instead of using keywords flatly. It will be the right approach to trigger the possibilities to appear in search result during voice search. In the voice search dominant SEO world, the appropriate goal will be to appear in ZERO position or reach in Feature snippet. The sites will be benefitted who appear in feature snippet during the voice search. So it is advisable to optimize the site content that people can use during search. Google also says that maximum of vice search take place in natural language instead of keyword phrase.

Brand Relationship Building:- 

Brand Relationship Building
 For an E-commerce SEO site, Ranking is a really important factor to gain traffic and conversation that help them to sell more product. Branding is very essential in eCommerce SEO strategy. Though the link building always plays an important role in SEO strategy, now it is a very important aspect in E-commerce SEO.  But it will be used in building the brand relationship with the website owners and the bloggers of the same niche. So Link building will be done not for SEO purpose but for the gaining traffic.   If you maintain a good relationship with the same entities, you can boost your brand profile and generate good healthy link juice. This will bring traffic to your site.

User Experience:-

User Experienc
 Google always gives priority to  the user experience (UX)Google algorithms give preference to the site which is simple, speedy and easy to use. It is found that the site which takes time more that 4 min for loading will loss 40 % of its customers. If you skip this speed matter for slow internet connection, the site which appears very fast will loss in the same way if they have confusing layout. So your site must have clear navigation or you always take the gift of increasing bounce rate from your visors.  A good user experience helps to increase the spending time in the site. So it is essential to provide a flawless user experience in a mobile desktop tab or other searching media to provide efficient e-commerce marketing services in Kolkata, India.

 Website security:-

Website security
 If your site is e-commerce then it is necessary to have Https. People do not waste their time browsing an insecure site where they can’t share their sensitive data like bank details and others.If your site is https holder you must get a Google reward that helps you to gain a good reputation in SERP. So Convert from HTTP to HTTPS and give your customer a safe user experience.If you are an e-commerce site owner try to adopt these things as soon as possible to enjoy a roaring 2019.

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